Aikido means a martial art from Japan, created by Morihei Ueshiba O sensei between the year 1925 and the year 1969. This combat sport was officially recognized by the Japanese government in the year 1940 under the name "aikibudō1" and under the term aikido in 1942. This name was given to him by the "Dai Nippon Butoku Kai", it is about a governmental organization whose purpose is to gather all the martial arts Japanese during the war. It was conceived through the experience that its designer had of the teaching of koryu (martial arts schools of yesteryear), especially the aikijustu of daitō ryū school as well as kenjutsu2 which is nothing other than Japanese saber art. This martial art is born from the encounter between these different methods of combat and a metaphysical reflection of Morihei Ueshiba on the meaning of martial practice in our era.

Based on subtle movements requiring more technical learning than the development of athletic physical abilities, this martial art can be taught at any age. It does not require any specific physical quality and is based on the development of sensitivity and the relaxation of its practices. However, its sophistication makes it difficult to address for small children for whom it is better to focus on disciplines such as Judo.