Santiago Bango is one of the greatest champions in the Spanish kickboxing scene. He is best known for having the ISKA World Middleweight Belt in the years 1980-1990. This pioneer of the fist-of-touch activities is now a police officer and educator of self-defense, tactics and methods of intervention. Initiator, he has always been in search of perfect efficiency, while remaining proportional during the riposte. He also constantly pushes the reflection so that the practice at the dojo is similar to the maximum to what happens in real life on the street. As a result, he developed the BRICPOL system of police self-defense. Originally this discipline concerns police officers, the military and security professionals, but also offers civilians the opportunity to learn their techniques. Santiago Bango has been kick-boxing since he was fourteen years old and has an impressive track record since he is national champion, from Europe but also from the world. His experience in the field of martial arts, added to his position as a peacekeeper led him to create BRIPCOL which are none other than personal and police defense competitions in which two opponents compete in five rounds, whether it is without weapons, with a knife or a stick.