It is not easy to describe in detail the design of this martial art since it was really born in hiding and thus left hardly any traces (no documents, no writings) in order to share his history. Some people see capoeira as a martial art of African origin because everything that characterizes it exists or would have existed in some form in Africa. It is quite possible that this martial art was inspired by the combat methods of the armies of the Kongo Kingdom that is to say, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.

We could also say that capoeira means an Afro-Brazilian martial art that has its roots in the principles of combat as well as the dances of Beninese people during the time of slavery in Brazil. Capoeira has a fairly similar form, both in gestures and in rhythms. Moreover, it is popular and practiced throughout the Indian Ocean under the term "Monringue" for many centuries. It is a martial art that uses the feet a lot because the hands of the slaves were chained. In the beginning, the movements were done near the ground but following the arrival of the oriental peoples with their own methods, capoeira now integrates kicks as well as multiple acrobatics.