The JKD "Jeet Kune Do" refers to a martial art practiced mostly with bare hands, designed by the famous Bruce Lee in the years 1967. The JKD is primarily a martial principle and not really as a sport or a traditional martial art. It designates more a way of liberation as its founder likes to say. The Jeet Kune Do is mostly inspired by boxing, fencing and wing chum, but has its own methods. Its designer relied on the praying mantis of the south as well as the north, boxing, Choy Lee Fut, wrestling, Eagle claws, fencing, Jiu Jitsu, judo and some kicks feet of Southern styles as well as North China.

The Jeet Kune Do, which means "the path of the fist that is intercepted" is meant to be simple, direct and non-traditional. The goal is to intercept the movements of his opponent before he comes to touch you, as we could say to arrive first starting the second. There is no blocking or answers in several times, the blocking and typing will always be simultaneous constituting a single movement response made at the same time is the most direct response to the competitor (s) by means of a minimum of movements.