Judo, whose term means in Japanese "way of flexibility" means a combat sport and a martial art designed by Jigoro Kano in the year 1882. This individual was inspired by the martial art Jiu Jitsu he practiced for almost six years and changed the methods of fighting with bare hands to design a discipline based on the balance of the body as well as the spirit. This Olympic sport (dating from the Tokyo Games in 1964) is barefoot on a tatami and is characterized mainly by projection methods, ground control, keys and throttles.

In this martial art, it is not strength that offers the opportunity to win but more the ability to use force and the speed of his opponent to unbalance and send to the ground. For this purpose, judokas use standing protection methods that involve the arms, hips and legs. There are also methods of sacrifice whose purpose is to sacrifice his balance in order to crush his opponent. There is a Judo Moral Code that emphasizes the values ​​of courage, politeness, sincerity, respect, honor, self-control, modesty and friendship. It is a non-violent art but is not offensive either, it can be practiced by all.