Kajukenbo was conceived between 1947 and 1949 in Hawaii, specifically at Palama Settlement in Honolulu. The designers designed the Black Belt Society. It is an association of black belts grouped to learn and enrich each other while countering their methods to improve. It is the beginning of an evolutionary and revolutionary genre, creating to mix the most relevant aspects of their arts. It was a real martial arts lab.

Kajukenbo is seen as the first kind of MMA. Its development sector has mainly been in the self-defense sector. Thus, it is a martial art mainly granted to the bodyguards, the police or the special agents of the army. Very similar to street fighting, it is considered more like a kind of Street Fighting than really a kind of classic self defense. It was designed to defend itself in all kinds of realistic cases. The practitioner is trained to be quick, lucid, spontaneous and creative and must constantly improve its natural assets of fluidity, perception, power and speed. Kajukenbo is an effective and tough kind, with a lot of contact.