Karate refers to an ancient martial art. We do not know very well his birth, some people think that it comes from Okinawa and would be of Japanese origin while others guarantee that karate was conceived by a monk in the name of Bodhidharma, an Indian come s to settle in a Shaolin monastery in northern China. Regardless, karate is inspired by ancient martial arts and exchanges between the various peoples of Asia. In truth, karate was certainly conceived in China but it is in Japan that it will be evolved as well as perfected. In the end, it took some time for karate to find the right place because it will appear only at the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo.

Karate is a martial discipline whose methods of defending and then responding with an attack from various parts of the body. Indeed, you can use your fingers, your hands, your forearms, your feet, your knees or your elbows. There must be no hard attack from a karateka, it must simply respond by means of a defense or an anticipation so-called "sendosei" which offers the possibility of attacking before the attack is conducted then by an attack to an assault.