Kickboxing is a modern combat sport conceived in the early 1960s in the United States. This is a sport inspired by French boxing as well as the English base where we find mostly two types: the American kick-boxing using the feet as well as the fists and the Japanese kick-boxing where we also add knees and elbows. Historically, we are far from the karate that has been around for almost 1,500 years, but the publicity of big tournaments such as the K-1 World Max in particular will have highlighted this discipline. In order to enter the ring at a competition of this kind, a complete equipment is requested as it is the case for all combat sports fists and fists.

Some athletes of this kind are, as is the case for the MMA, become real stars and this complete and spectacular martial art always seduces as much the general public. In the end, across the Atlantic, there are multiple variants and disciplines that are included in kickboxing such as French savate box, full-contact, sambo, Indian boxing or boxes from Southeast Asia. Such as Burmese boxing, Muay Thai or Vietnamese boxing.