The krav-maga (sometimes written krav maga, literally means close combat) is basically a principle of self-defense from Hungarian Czechoslovakian Israel combining methods inspired by boxing, judo, wrestling, muay -thai as well as ju-jitsu. This concept, designed by Imi Lichtenfel, is now a base for the Israeli army as well as for the Israeli special services in order to defend against the assailants in hand-to-hand combat. The method is used by multiple police and military forces around the world. For the United States, it's the DEA, the Marines, the FBI; for France the RAID, the Foreign Legion and the GIGN while in the UK, the SAS use it.

Its birth takes place in a historical context, where self-defense was more than important. Imi Lichtenfeld realized his method in a problem of realism and over time tried his discoveries in multiple situations. This allows Krav Maga to be a young method of self-defense and realism translated by a logical and coherent way of thinking that offers natural, practical and simple methods, supported by simple enough movements for the human body. Of course, the problem of realism of this discipline does not allow the establishment of sports rules, nor competitions that limit it to the prohibitions of these rules. It remains a perfect method of self-defense to face terrible dangers.