Kung-fu is one of those sciences that Westerners call martial arts. It is a discipline that can be mastered only by practicing with consistency and perseverance. Kung-fu targets men, women, youth and seniors from 7 to 77 years old.

The origins of Kung-fu date back to the 6th century AD. It should be known that these are attributed to the Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma. This man of Indian origin, landed in China at the invitation of the Emperor, in order to offer his education to the Chinese elite. Seeing the monks of the Shaolin Temple in a state of decay, he submits them to the various exercises of Yi-King to optimize their body. These sets of exercises are to be done and redone, hence the word Kung-fu in Chinese, which means work to do and redo.

Kung Fu simply means "flourish through hard work". Here are the two detailed characters: 功 Gong (or Kung) which means merit; skill / address. As for Fu, it means literate; master ; husband. In other words, a fulfilled man.

Kung-fu targets the total development of the human being and allows an optimal revitalization of the body. This practice also offers the possibility of optimizing concentration, eliminating everyday stress, learning meditation, optimizing flexibility, improving one's physical conditioning or mastering the various effective techniques. self defense.