At the base, the lethwei fights were really violent and there are no particular sports rules. It even seems that in the 19th century, the fighting was even more violent than Thai boxing. It was characterized by the practice of hand-to-hand combat called "bando", a kind of struggle called "naban", the practice of arms, banshay and lethwei. From now on, this last term is more and more used wrongly to speak about the "bando" in a general way. Under the circumstances, it seems that lethwei as it is now practiced means a discipline independent of the "bando" even if it maintains some links with it.

You should know that in Myanmar, we now address the subject of Myanmar Lethwei or in other words traditional boxing. This discipline fencing hands and bare feet dates back to the dawn of time. This is a boxing feet and dots that are said to "martial" that takes to the technical heritage of the Burmese warrior a whole range of strategies. The way of fighting is very particular, similar to animal behavior, it is very different from other oriental practices.