From now on, the so-called MMA "Mixed Martial Arts" sport no longer really refers to a direct descendant of the sport of the past that was called the "pancrace", but there are several similarities between those two independent disciples. The "pancrace" refers to one of the first representations of hand-to-hand combat sport with several rules. The first traces of this type of fight have been observed in several countries, including Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Spain and France. Several documents prove that various ancient local forms of free combat inspired by the ancient pancrace are still present in our era.

The Mixed Martial Arts or in other words the MMA now replaces the controversy "Free Fight". He was spotted by a total absence of rules during the fighting. The phasing out of some too dangerous methods has offered a respect for the physical completeness of the better opponents. The MMA mixes different martial arts and offers the opportunity for opponents of several disciples to meet in the ring. If the practice of MMA offers a real craze in France, it is much regulated by means of public authorities that prohibit competitions.