The genesis, the ancient history as well as the image of muay-thai are approached in a standardized way in a great literature in Thailand. The oldest historical information, which would speak about boxing practice before the 19th century, is inspired mainly by royal stories, many times rewritten (especially under Rama I) following the destruction of the 18th century including the fall of Ayutthaya during the year 1767.

Thai boxing that is short box Thai or Muay Thai means the same thing that is to say a martial art using the feet and fists. This is certainly the most complete sport because you have to use all parts of your body to hit your opponent. Boxing uses fists, French boxing uses feet and fists while Thai boxing adds knees and elbows. This is certainly the most popular boxing in Southeast Asia, well in front of Khmer boxing or Burmese boxing. It was not appreciated by Westerners who were frightened by so much violence but it is now widely democratized. Indeed, you can enroll in a club like this if you live in a big city in Europe or North America.