Its conception goes back to the beginning of 1997 when Patrick Lombardo, a French pioneer of Free Combat and Kenpo wanted to design a new discipline that named Pankido which means "Way of universal energy". He moved to Paris and opened a new center called "Pandokan". The adventure can begin. Hard trainings, internships during the weekends, passages of the serious ones or still particular tests. After three and a half years of existence, in June 2000, the Dojo already sees its first results in competitions, the Golden Belts Tournament and the Coupe de France at the end of the year 2000.

Pankido refers to a modern martial art, a true synthesis of martial arts from the East as well as Western combat sports. It is characterized by methods more relevant to melee, standing as well as on the ground, with bare hands or with knives. Pankido translates into a traditional martial art by means of its global ethics, its classical equipment as well as its attachment to the ritual. He also appears as a modern disciple through his form of liberal competition, composed of self-control and efficiency. It is an art that weaves a link between the past and the future and still needs to be conceived. In a way, you can say that Pankido is a kind of Civilized Free Fight.