Legend has it that the Pencak Silat was designed by a woman after watching a fight between a tiger and a bird. Pencak was later enriched by Chinese martial arts through trade between China and Malaysia in the 9th century. This fighting sport developed later through the Malay Archipelago. There is no precise historical narrative about it but the literature and the heritage of Java guarantee that this martial art is an integral part of the cultural practices of the archipelago. From now on, it holds a prominent place during official events or Malaysian marriages.

Penchak or Pencak Silat is now practical around the world, although it has more space in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Several terms are present to talk about the same subject: "Penjak Silat", "Pentchak-Silat", "Pencak Silat" or "Bersilat". The term "Penchak" means "ability to fight with varied and appropriate movements". In this practice, all methods of combat are approached: sweeps, keys, percussion, projections, dodging, dislocations as well as fighting with or without weapons.