It is complicated to date the birth of self defense, it has always been present since human beings began to bang on it. It is thought that an oral transmission of advice was already taking place. All martial arts, regardless of their age, have a sort of self defense component. If we imagine the implementation of a structured system to learn in a broad sense (for civilians and for the military), some names can be mentioned, in close combat especially which is a system that has inspired multiple systems of self defense through programs, techniques but also philosophy.

Self-Defense is therefore a disciple open to all kinds of audiences, from novice to more experienced in martial arts, and whatever your gender. It is a preparatory discipline for a possible aggression in which distance control and the knowledge of effective methods are key elements. This discipline aims to teach practitioners to know how to react to any potential situation, including a weapon or not, so that in case of aggression the answer is of the order of spontaneous reflex. Thus, the spirit of this method is to have the necessary protection but remaining in a spirit of citizenship and under the guise of the law. Thus, you will be able to react to several angles of attacks as well as to different kinds of assaults.