The Vale Tudo is a kind of free fight. These are the Brazilians from the poor neighborhoods who designed it in the 1930s. Its modern composition is now famous through the UFC, the most common competition of free fighting around the world that brings together weekly millions of viewers. Two competitors, without gloves, without equipment, exercising various sports under a combat area. The objective being to submit the adversary in several ways: by putting it K.O or by controlling it on the ground by means of immobilization forcing him to give up. But before, you have to bang your hands open, kick, use the blows of vice and project the competitor to the ground. The fight requires a range of rather complete technique.

The Vale Tudo that can be translated as "everything is allowed" is a kind of free fight that appeared in Brazil during the 20th century. Fights are controlled only by three rules: prohibition to place one's fingers in the eyes of the other, prohibition to insert the fingers in any orifice and finally prohibition to touch the spine. The rest is free.