We can see that the martial art Vovinam was born officially during the year 1945 in Hà Nôi. Master Nguyễn Lộc (thirty-three years old at that time) realized a demonstration and offers the result of his long years of work dedicated to codify and realize the organization of a new martial art whose purpose is to bring together all methods martial arts available in Vietnam. According to historical documents, he decided rather young to go traveling throughout the country to meet all martial arts masters but also fight as well as boxing to find inspiration to design a unique martial art that would finally be a kind of synthesis of all the methods of fighting taught in Vietnam since the beginning of time.

This art is famous for its spectacular acrobatic scissors. The goal is to form a real man whose motto is "to be strong to be useful". Thus, we find several principles that control the behavior of the practice. There is no official translation and that is why you will certainly see them reformulated in many ways. If a club or a federation uses slightly different sentences, the meaning of the whole is almost always the same.