The predecessors of boxing remain the pugilat and the pancrace. These are melee combat sports where scenes are found in Egyptian, Greek and Sumerian civilizations. Boxing is a combat sport that has been practiced since the 18th century by one opponent against another, who uses percussion strikes with padded gloves. It generally refers to boxing.

Boxing meets multiple variants. These are characterized by corporal targets, body weapons used as well as for some of them methods of scanning, projection and seizures. We also find Chinese women's boxing or Burmese boxing. By extension, multiple disciplines have taken the term boxing: the boxes box and fist regulated in Europe, the sports boxes dating from the 19th to the 20th century, French Boxing Savate, panache, kickboxing, slipper, boxes Asian, Chinese boxing, Khmer boxing, kung-fu-wushu, Thai boxing, Burmese boxing and many more.