Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art from South China, developed in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This art is characterized by a close combat with bare hands as well as the handling of white weapons. It benefited in the 20th century from a consequent expansion in Europe as well as in the United States by means of the famous actor Bruce Lee of which one of the masters was Yip Man.

His hand methods are really relevant in close combat leading up to close combat without going to the ground. The arms will remain flexible to the maximum in relation to a continuous pressure on the opponent, no matter what he tries, which offers the ability to easily deflect and manage the shots to secure his center and position his own strikes to the less opening of custody on the part of the competitor. Blows, brought at short distances, do not have to be accelerated by the internal method of Qi Gong. This internal method aims to bring an explosion of internal force of a limited amplitude after touching the target at low speed. It is the whole body that emits this wave of choice, using at the same time the weight of the body, the overall relaxation of the body used as a whip and finally the addition of the forces of all the joints.